RESEARCH - Buying bikes Online! How?

I was tasked to find out how to convert the traditional age old Offline/Classifieds process to a completely Online model.
I conducted in depth user research and profiling, to understand the true pain points and insecurities which needed to be addressed.

360° TOUR - The ultimate online viewing

The top feature that made 100% Online buying possible. User uploaded photos now replaced with top quality studio photoshoot which were represented online in a brand new lifelike viewing experience.
This solution resulted in a 300% increase overnight in daily orders.

App Onboarding Flow

My personal view on what the ideal onboarding onto the app should be. I wanted to help the user get as close to his choice of bikes category as possible by omitting the unwanted while maintaining a wide selection still of bikes specific to his interest.

Home Delivery & Slot Booking

I wanted to make the delivery process as smooth as possible while keeping expectations fixed between the customer and BIKES24.

This resulted in a 35% jump in the delivery fill rate.

With the success of our MVP bikes24 was readyto take on its own identity as a separate entity with its own domain. 

I redesigned this new identity of the brand and its online presence leading my small team of 3. This new identity set the new direction for the brand language and the design to evolve towards, even for the Cars24 domains. 

UI - "How to Buy" info widget

At a time when the buying 100% online process is very new to users, we received several queries about it through our CEX team.

This widget becomes a foundation for future widgets designed to convey educational messages in an engaging way using simple animations, towards user flows that may be new and unfamiliar.

Visuals - Playstore Screens

While launching the app the Playstore and Appstore pages were designed to showcase the benefits of installing the app with as much realistic fidelity as possible while still making it interesting and engaging.


This is a collection of a few projects I have done for the companies I have worked in.

The largest cluster belonging to Whirlpool where I led several International projects as well as India based ones.
At Whirlpool I was the only global designer working out of India managing large projects around the world, in Refrigeration and Laundry.
I later went on to become the category lead for Automatic Laundry machines for India which occupied 80% of the volume of laundry business.

Prior to Whirlpool I worked at Madlab a design consultancy, from this period I have shared an interesting kitchen design project directed at creating a premium Indian Kitchen brand.