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A versatile interdisciplinary designer always expanding and building upon past experiences and skills. Very proficient at crafting great delightful User Experience on digital platforms as well as physical. User centric approach, and lateral thinking applied always with great problem solving, has led to very successful profitable products in the market


College for Creative Studies

Masters in Design
(Ranked in top 10 in the world)

Detroit, Michigan, USA 2013

Studying masters in design, developed a very good sense of user first thinking, which translated into great UX ( user experience ), research skills, creative problem solving, product design & aesthetics. It reinforces thinking outside the box and future casting ideas and concepts.

Istituto Europeo di Design

Bachelors in Transportation Design

Turin, Italy 2010

Studying transportation design was an early passion which resulted in developing a very keen sense for aesthetics and form based on a solid foundation of industrial design, which has product development and manufacturing at its core.

View the collection of works across 7 years of designing experiences through digital and physical products.



Design Lead – Bikes division

Aug 2020 – Present | Gurgaon, India

Leading the design of all Bikes business customer facing digital products – Website, M-site and App. Creating the culture of buying bikes fully online through enhanced UX (User Experience) on all digital products.

Led the initiative to transform the business from an Offline to an entirely Online Only model, achieved through in depth consumer research to derive a hypothesis for a solution. 
Led the development of the MVP to test that hypothesis resulting in 300% jump in orders overnight

• Creating the full User Journey of all bikes customers,
• Wire-framing for the entire products,
• Qualitative and Quantitative consumer research and analysis,
• Driving Product requirements with stakeholders,
• Creating Design brief and conducting reviews of the Design team,
• Grooming and UAT with tech team developers. 


Whirlpool Corporation

Category Lead Designer – Laundry Auto

Nov 2018 – Aug 2020 | Gurgaon India 

India Design Lead for Automated Laundry machines 

Led the development of the new Entry level and Mass-premium Top Load washers for India which is 80% of the category’s volume

Introduction of Front Load washers manufactured in India. 

Designed the new brand language for Front load washers in EMEA and China

Part of the the team that redesigned the new Maytag brand language in the US and designed components and accessories for Maytag washers

Project Lead Designer – Refrigerators

Sept 2016 – Mar 2018 | North America – Mexico, USA, Canada

Designed singlehandedly and launched the entire line of Whirlpool double door refrigerators in Mexico, USA and Canada – the biggest global refrigerator platform of Whirlpool with 10 SKUs and 3 price segments in Top Mount and Bottom mount fridges.

Created the new Global Brand language for interior and exterior of Whirlpool fridges across all segments, and across all regions.

Product Designer – Advanced Design

Jun 2016 – Sept 2016 | North America – Mexico, USA, Canada6

Developed advanced design projects for future roadmaps, with design driving innovation in appliances. The work done here went on to play a vital role in the direction of product strategy for future projects. 

Conceptualised future state projects in Laundry, in Refrigeration and in Water filtration systems

View the collection of works across 7 years of designing experiences through digital and physical products.